ADF Team



We Thank God for Assisi


On our 40th year of development work and service to the Filipino poor, we, the men and women of Assisi Development Foundation, Inc., find our hearts to be overflowing with gratitude and thanksgiving.

We are one in remembering the many people, organizations, and institutions who have helped us in our work of helping others. As one family, we remind ourselves of the countless blessings and gifts that God has so generously given us across the 40 years that we have served as instruments of His compassion and peace here in the Philippines. We tell ourselves once again how fortunate we are for having a genuine Christian community in our place of work, where we come to live out our shared values and beliefs, and where we always find a sense of belonging and purpose.

We have reached 40 years of existence as an organization. We have worked and served for four decades. We have overcome every challenge and difficulty that came our way. These are achievements for which we can only say with all our hearts: Thank you. We thank God for all of you. We thank God for Assisi.