CAP Program

Companions of ADF for Peace Volunteer & Leadership Program


The program seeks to produce volunteers who are led by the spirit of volunteerism and passion for loving service in their quest for sustainable development and lasting peace.

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  1. To provide opportunities for young professionals and ADFI grantees to journey with the marginalized communities through involvement in different programs of the Assisi Development Foundation
  2. To support the partner organizations by providing CAP volunteer/s
  3. To form and empower the youths to be community leaders through formation sessions (formal and informal) that are rooted in their faith and cultural values
  4. To help seminarians have deeper appreciation of their priestly and apostolic ministries through engagement in various development programs/projects
  5. To create avenues for life’s sharing and promote the value of service to various communities


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  1. Spiritual Formation and Skills Training The volunteers were given an in-service formation and training on: Spirituality, Leadership, Community Organizing, Culture, Education, Livelihood, Health, Peace and Security, and Program Management.
  2. ADFI and Partner Programs’ Support The volunteers were assigned to and engaged in different programs/projects and other partner organizations/communities of the Foundation.
  3. Monitoring and Follow-up The Program Coordinator conducted regular visit to supervise the volunteers at their respective assignments.
  4. Group Gathering The volunteers assembled to deepen their commitment to service, to intensify their bonding with and among each other, and to assess their service experience.


CAP Volunteer and Leadership 4“My volunteer experience helped me realize the true essence of service. No matter how difficult it is to help organize a certain community, happiness is still felt at the end. It is because I know that deep within my heart, I have become an instrument of positive change in these far-flung areas where I worked with” MelvinGuilleno (as Community Facilitator for PPP-JDP Program in Cervantes)

Slide 1“The CAP Volunteer Program of Assisi Foundation was indeed a very good opportunity and ground for us volunteer-seminarians to grow in our vocation and to widen our understanding of authentic love and service to our people”. GabrielDayondon (assigned in Marian and PPP-JDP Programs)

Slide 1“Here, I learned how to be confident and patient in dealing with other people. I was also able to enhance my knowledge and skills while working under the Indigenous Peoples’ Education program” LeovicBanosoc (assigned in IP Education Program)

Slide 1“This is indeed a life-changing experience. The opportunity to grow that Assisi has given me inspired me to work more for my people; so I may also inspire other youths, and in God’s time, Filipinos will no longer entrust their fate to other people’s hands” KringSumalinab (assigned in IP Advocacy Program)