Hapag-Asa Program

Hapag-Asa Nutrition Program


Responding to high prevalence of malnutrition using a wholistic approach in partnership with various groups and institutions nationwide.

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  1. To develop the culture of SHARING & LOVING to our neighbors as demonstrated in the Miracle of the Multiplication of loaves & fish (Mt. 14:13-21)
  2. To reduce malnutrition prevalence rate among 0 to 12 years old children
  3. To improve capacity of parents to care and provide for basic needs of their children


Hapag-Asa Nutrition Program 1 Hapag-Asa Nutrition Program 3 Hapag-Asa Nutrition Program 2 Under the program, an average rehabilitation rate of 85- 90% children fed was achieved. Aside from feeding, other activities were also conducted to sustain the gains of the program. Parents’ Education Classes on:

  1. Affective Parenting
  2. Health and Nutrition
  3. Responsible Parenthood-Natural Family Planning and Values
  4. Livelihood and Skills Training