IGA Program/ Isaiah 61

Institutional Grants & Aid Program and Isaiah 61


A modest funding facility of ADF that aims to build a “Partnership of Service and Resource Sharing” with various charitable institutions, missionary groups, civil society organizations and peoples’ organization in the country.

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OBJECTIVE To assist projects developed by local people, NGOs and other civil society and church organizations with the purpose of improving people’s quality of life in their own communities and sharing their successes with others.


  1. Agriculture and Rural Development
  2. Education, Children and Youth Development
  3. Livelihood Opportunities
  4. Health and Medicines
  5. Environmental Conservation
  6. Faith-related Activities


IGA 1 IGA 3 IGA 2 IGA 4 Agriculture and Rural Development • 15 NGOS and IPO’s formed and assisted livelihood program benefitting 16 barangays and 120 households Education, Children and Youth Development • 13 Partner Agencies assisted in educating children from marginalized communities. Supported 300 teachers and 700 street children and out of school youths Livelihood Opportunities • 10 Organizations and institutions assisted and provided with capital in sustaining their livelihood benefitting 68 barangays and 1,400 households Health and Medicines • 3 Partner Agencies and NGOs supported for their health programs, benefitting more than 45 barangays and 355 households Environmental Conservation • 3 Community and Non-Government Organizations provided with means to sustain and promote their activities within their own towns and provinces providing the best quality of air, water and source of living to 34 barangays with 189 households Faith-Related Activities • 15 Religious organizations assisted in their various religious undertaking