Marian Program

The driving force behind Assisi’s various programs is to give expression to a simple, tender love for our Queen, Mary, and the childlike faith and love for God in the spirit of St. Francis.

The Marian Program activities combine the three essential elements of true Marian devotion: Prayer, Service to the Poor, Study and the propagation of the Good News. It completes the wholeness of Assisi’s mission to serve as instruments in fulfilling the mission of Jesus Christ on earth.

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Marian Program 1

2009 Supported the Year of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and the Year of the Priest for the universal Church.

2010 “The 13th Day, miracle at Fatima, a message of hope” is a story of hope and of miracles. It is an advocacy campaign to bring the message of the Our Lady of Fatima – prayer, repentance, self-sacrifice, reparation and peace to each one and to bring the plight of hungry children in the Philippines. Supported the Hapag-Asa, as feeding program of Assisi, is the beneficiary of the proceeds of the movie.

Marian Program 22011 In response to the theme of Family Rosary Crusade Reaching Out to the World, “A Million Roses for the World, Filipinos at Prayer, Peace for All Nations” was launched 8th October 2011 at the University of Sto. Tomas – to enlist one million Filipinos to pray the five decades of the Holy Rosary everyday from October 10, 2011 to May 30, 2012, each day from Monday to Saturday dedicated to one nation in the world while the Sunday Rosary is reserved for our own families and nation, the Philippines. The goal is bring all peoples in all the nations of the world to Jesus and His Father and the Holy Spirit… through Mary our Blessed Mother… to bring His Peace, Love and Joy and tranquility to every people and every nation, no matter how great or how small, as a gift of love, faith and goodwill from the people of the Philippines. Organized a Retreat Seminar on Coping with Aging and the Preparation for the Safe Passage to Eternal Life with Fr. Alfonse Deeken, S.J. and in partnership with Bishops- Businessmen’s Conference for Human Development.


“Thank you, Excellency, for bringing to the attention of this Apostolic Nunciature the Campaign, “A Million Roses for the World, Filipinos at Prayer, for Peace for All Nations”… “The initiative to dedicate 29 May 2012 for the intentions of the Pope and the Vatican is very much appreciated, Excellency. It is a joy to know that millions of Filipinos will offer their rosaries on that day for the welfare of the Holy Father and his collaborators at the Holy See.” Msgr. Gabor Pinter Charge d’Affaires, a.i.

“I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you for this noteworthy campaign… it is my pleasure to inform you that in line with the scheduled prayer intentions for Chile on 4 January 2012, no less than Santiago’s Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati has indicated that he wishes to be present at the event which is to be held at the Embassy’s premises.” Amb. Maria Consuelo Puyat-Reyes

“In the Diocese of Maasin, we assure you that a rosary prayer is organized daily in all barrio chapels, at dawn or in the evening for some who cannot make it in the early morning.” BishopPrecioso D. Cantillas, SDB, DD. Bishop of Maasin

“It is with joy that I enclose the list of names of the Mother Butler Guild members who pledged to pray the rosary daily for 200 days… there are 6,169 members x 200 days = 1,233,800 rosaries from MBG… May this one million rosaries for peace ignite a resurgence of devotion to the Holy Rosary and evoke a favourable response from our Mother Mary to ask her Son to grant us the peace we so badly need – in our families, parishes, communities, government, our nation, and in the entire world. I remember Fr. Peyton’s firm belief that “a world at prayer is a world at peace.” Ambassador Henrietta de Villa National President of Mother Butler Mission Guild