Our Generation of Loving Service: Let Us Give Thanks


Howard JQ DeeAs we complete forty years, one generation of Loving Service to the poor living in the margins of our society, with profound gratitude in our hearts, let us give thanks:

First and foremost, to our Lord and Master and His Mother to whom we are consecrated and our works are dedicated, for the privilege of serving Him in the poor and forsaken, for sending the Holy Spirit to guide us, St. Joseph to shepherd and protect us, St. Francis to direct and inspire us, and his priests to instruct and nourish us and to forgive our transgressions against our fellowmen.

We thank our families for their sacrifices, our trustees for their wise guidance, our co-workers in the Assisi vineyard of Our Lord, our officers and project managers for their leadership, our field and office workers for their dedication to work, that make possible our bountiful harvests for the poor of our beloved land; and

We thank our donors, partners, benefactors, collaborators, supporters and friends, for sharing their treasures and blessings with us and lending us their helping hands; and

We thank those who have gone before us: H.E. Jaime Cardinal Sin, Fr. Francisco “Fritz” Araneta, Alejandro “Ding” Lichauco, Armando “Balty” Baltazar: may they rest in the Peace of St. Francis of Assisi.

Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam!





Being Grateful for the Gift of Service and Partnership

Benjamin Abadio

As we celebrate the 40th year anniversary of Assisi Development Foundation we pay tribute to the people whose vision and commitment for loving service established the fundamental principles and values of the organization. We are particularly grateful to our founder and current chairperson – Ambassador Howard Dee and his family, their generosity and genuine concern for others have been our constant guide and inspiration for all these years. We are deeply grateful for all the people of different faiths and cultures. While our work has given us the chance to contribute to the development of their lives, their life stories and journeys have also enriched our lives and helped us in our service. Our work and mission would not have been possible if it were not for the tireless and selfless efforts of our colleagues, partners and fellow workers, especially our project managers/officers and staff. They have been and are our companions in our shared mission of accompanying the most vulnerable communities in the Philippines. We are one team. We are friends and partners in service, and for life, which makes our labor, our work much more meaningful and extraordinary.

Finally, we are also grateful to all our institutional partners and collaborators. Our work in the past 40 years would not have been realized without your help and generous involvement. Thanks to your boundless dedication and commitment to our shared values and principles. Together, we have given hope to our numerous partners all in the name of loving service, rooted in faith that promotes peace
and justice. Indeed, our hearts are filled with gratefulness as we continue to accomplish milestones and face greater challenges that will propel us towards another 40 years.

As we look forward to another 40 years in our mission, we shall continue to carry with us the spirit and charism of St. Francis of Assisi – our inspiration for Faith in Action, and the guidance of our Loving Lady, the Blessed Mother – our model for loving service.

For God’s Greater Glory!