Story of Hope by Archie J. Aporbo

BSE II-Biological Science

EASP 5Archie was a good example to his fellow-grantees. Until beset by extreme family poverty and ill-health of his father, forcing him to miss classes to augment daily medicines and food – and leading to absences in the last two weeks of first semester, missing of the final exams.

The following article is his story of hope despite discontinuance in the second semester of SY 2011-2012.

My one year (and a semester) of college life at Holy Cross of Davao College was firstly enjoyable, especially when I wished to be active and participative despite my poor high school background (and the fact that I felt often nailed down by low self-esteem). Exposure immersion to Malamba and New Lapunan with my co-grantees was always refreshingly happy.

Perhaps due to difficult circumstances of my family, I was disturbed by the reality of seeing my parents working so hard while I went to school. Often I caught myself thinking of my father and mother who daily walked the mountainous and rocky field. I know it’s not easy to cultivate a farm whose soil was not exactly fertile that it could mainly grow camote, and more camote, needing animal manure to increase fertility for other root crops, bananas and vegetables to grow better.

I used to be my father’s companion but I was told I must study for a good future. In college I encountered different personalities. Some teachers were so strict I felt so nervous that I withdrew into silence. I know it is good to be positive. I believe I can change for the better. I am challenged to do my best so that I can be an instrument of better life for those who are hard up like my family.

My apologies for the headaches I gave my parents who worked and sacrificed for me. (I experienced the strict ways of my father to discipline me. I resisted my mother’s efforts to discuss with my teachers how I could be helped). For breaking the rules Ms. Fely Mordeno set for us. I hope I can still be given a chance to realize my dream to serve the Lumads.